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A Global Leader in Next Generation Micro Technolog

Ever since our founding in 1950, we have always had big ambitions. We moved quickly onto the global stage and today we generate three-quarters of our sales overseas and half of our products are manufactured outside Japan. Staying true to our founding spirit, “Generating the greatest impact from the least materials”, we have actively fused electronics and software technology from a base of precision processing and assembly capabilities. This has led to a wide range of products, from wristwatch parts and other precision components, to CNC automatic lathes, business printers and micro audio components for mobile phones. All embody our enduring quest for technological excellence, and the untiring efforts of a workforce full of energy and the spirit to take on new challenges. рефинансирование кредита

Star Micronics - What We Do and Our Philosophy

For over half a century, Star Micronics has established itself as a leading supplier of small printers, audio components, high-precision machine tools, and precision parts. Staying on the cusp of bleeding edge technology trends coupled with years of proven product development and manufacturing expertise have positioned Star Micronics as one of the most innovative companies in its many target industries.

As a truly globalized company, the Star Micronics brand has become a known, trusted, and respected name in all areas of the world. Headquartered in Japan, our company has broadly expanded to establish sales offices and manufacturing facilities across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia, enabling us to deliver unparalleled product service and support to customers on a universal scale.

As a company heavily involved in IT-related technologies and the manufacturing and assembly of miniature high-precision devices, Star Micronics acknowledges the importance of engaging in environmental management activities and has invoked eco-friendly practices as an integral part of its operations. This philosophy forms the basis of our efforts to carry out operations in harmony with the global environment and play an active role as a responsible member of society.


Business Overview

1. Special Products

This segment manufactures and sells printers which are divided into three main categories. взять ноутбук в кредит
1. Point of sale (POS) printer
2. Visual card reader / writer
3. Computer printer
2. Machine Tools

This segment mainly manufactures and sells CNC automatic lathes for the production of precision components.
3. Precision Products

Leveraging high-precision technologies, this segment
supplies a wide range of high value-added precision
components for wristwatches as well as medical, communications and automotive equipment, and for
personal computer and other equipment.

Star Micronics Southeast Asia Co., Ltd. 

Star Micronics Southeast Asia Co., Ltd. is responsible for providing innovative, high quality printing solutions to the South East Asian
markets. Combining Star Micronics' long-existing strengths in high
precision manufacturing technologies, we offer a diverse and unique portfolio of products that assist users in a wide spectrum of industries globally. Our time-proven and customer-endorsed technology is the
solid foundation for our lineup of POS printers and visual card reader/writers, enabling Star to establish ourselves as a trusted
and leading veteran in the many markets we serve. Early moves to establish overseas manufacturing sites and efforts to attain global standards in advanced technology and quality support the trusted
Star Micronics brand today. So don't just settle on hardware that
won't work as hard as you do. Demand everything from your
printing solution. Demand a Star!



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