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TSP100U futurePRNT Series


TSP100U futurePRNT Series TSP100 USB models featuring speeds up to 250mm per second with traditional or new full gloss printer casing

High performance 203 dpi receipt printers which have changed all the rules of POS printing and placed Star far ahead of its competitors with this unique software driven POS receipt range with obvious advantages for retail and hospitality. Star, the now true market leader was also the first to include:

All installation accessories in the box at purchase

  • Internal power supply with 1.8m power and USB cables
  • Wall mount kit for space saving operation with automatic receipt reversal for user comfort
  • Power switch cover & 58mm guide
  • Value Added software for Retailers including more than ten Receipt Redesign, Image & Easy Install Tools as well as a Software Developers Kit with unique selectable Preview Tool. Details on page 18
  • Installation CD with Windows 7 and Vista™ WHQL operating and 64 bit support as well as other operating platforms such as Mac™, Linux™, POS for .NET etc.

Pre-Installation Set-up Tool

which means you do not have to take the printer out of the box before installation as all settings are held in .xml files on the PC. Contact Star for case studies of large retailers world-wide who have carried out installations of hundreds of printers literally over night.

Splashproof Cover and Vertical Printer 
Stand with A5 Retail Display opportunity

Once again Star listened to its customers such as its global hospitality, fast-food partner in Germany and produced the first single station splashproof cover of its kind.This printer is so reliable that the only returns had previously been due to one chocolate milk shake and two fizzy drinks! This was remedied with the introduction of the splashproof cover.

TSP100LAN futurePRNT Entry-Level Ethernet version of the TSP100 futurePRNT

Ethernet is now the connection method of choice for the new breed of IT managers in hospitality and retail environments requiring fast, long distance, reliable communication. However this extremely flexible choice of connection has always come with a cost. Star is now determined to change this with the introduction of the dedicated TSP100LAN futurePRNT.
Star futurePRNT is famous for its revolutionary software, quality hardware and entry-level price and the new TSP100LAN is no exception.

Simple, fast, reliable network connection using standard, low cost CAT 5 cabling combined with futurePRNT’s software and particularly simple installation procedures enhance the advantages of today’s Ethernet.

Print on Disconnection Feature

The TSP100LAN will negotiate with any networked host and automatically print an error if the connection is lost due to PC / Hub failure or cable damage.

  • Immediate warning to the remote location, that the printer is offline.
  • Immediate warning to the POS that the printer is offline / missing.


futurePRNT Software

The secret of Star’s success with this ground-breaking product is a result of the investment that Star has put in time, effort and money into the software provided with this printer.

This software far exceeds installation tools normally provided, enabling users to install high volume, custom set-ups without even taking the printer out of its box.

Details can be found on

   TSP100 Coupon Marketing Tool
Star’s revolutionary new printer has taken customer motivation to new heights with this free-of-charge value added software, which will work alongside your current system. The new Coupon Marketing Tool from Star will enable the automatic printing of coupons based on the retailer’s pre-decided products or purchase values relevant to that transaction.

                                         Receipt Re-Design Tool
   Auto-Text Reversal™
Literally re-design your receipt without changing your software or becoming an IT expert. Crop out embedded text and images, add new profit making messages and graphics.

    TSP100 futurePRNT™ Series Summary
  • TSP113 U
    125mm/second USB Tear Bar model
  • TSP143 U
    125mm/second USB Autocutter model
  • TSP113 GT
    250mm/second USB Tear Bar model
  • TSP143 GT
    250mm/second USB Autocutter model
  • TSP113 LAN
    125mm/second Ethernet Tear Bar model
  • TSP143 LAN
    125mm/second Ethernet Autocutter model
  • TSP113 PUSB
    125mm/second PoweredUSB Tear Bar model
  • TSP143 PUSB
    125mm/second PoweredUSB Autocutter model

   TSP100 futurePRNT Printer Specifications
Series TSP100
Model Name TSP143PU-24 TSP143U TSP143LAN TSP143GT
Printer Case Colour Star White / Charcoal Grey (*1) Ice White / Piano Black
Installation Horizontal use / Vertical use (with Wall Mount Blacket / Rubber foot)
Printer Method Direct Thermal Line Printing
Print Configuration Alphanumeric Characters: 12 x 24 dots : 9 x 24 dots,
Chinese Characters 12 x 24 dots, 24 x 24 dots
No. of Columns Maximum 48 columns (12 x 24 fonts) / 24 column (24 x 24 fonts)
Character Size ANK : 12 x 24 fonts 1.5 x 3.0 mm (W x H), 9 x 24 fonts(*3) 1.125 x 3.0 mm (W x H)
Chinese Characters : 12 x 24 fonts 1.5 x 3.0 mm (W x H), 24 x 24 fonts 3.0 x 3.0 mm (W x H)
Character Type Alphanumeric Characters, Extended Graphics, International Characters, JIS First Standard Chinese Characters, JIS Second Standard Chinese Characters
Barcodes UPC-A/E, JAN/EAN-8/13, ITF
Print Resolution 8 dots per mm (203dpi x 230dpi)
Emulation Star Mode, ESC/POS mode (Page mode is not supported)
Interfaces USB 2.0  Ethernet  USB 2.0
Full Speed(*4) (100BASE-TX/10BASE-T) Full Speed(*4)
Print Speed up to 125 mm/second up to 250 mm/second
Media Types Thermal Paper Roll
size 80 mm (default), 58 mm (with paper guide fitted to the specified position)
Roll Diameter Max. 83 mm
Thickness 0.065 - 0.085mm
Auto-Cutter Cutting Method Guillotine
Cutting Modes Partial cut
Life up to 1 million cuts (with recommended paper)
Power Supply Voltage DC24V ±10% AC 100V ±10% (Internal P/S)
During ASCII Continuous Printing Approx. 40W Approx. 42W
Print Ready Mode - -
Peripheral Drive Circuit 2 circuits (24V max. 1A), 1 compulsion input
Reliability (MCBF) 60 million lines
Dimensions 142×204×132 mm (WxDxH)
Weight 1.53 kg
(without paper roll)
1.75 kg (without paper roll)
EMI Standards VCCI: Class A, FCC: Class A, EN55022: Class B, UL, TUV-GS (EN60950)
AC adapter (Option) PS60A-24B(*5) No AC adapter required (Internal P/S)
Recommended Connectors 1.8 m USB cable
TSP1 (*5)
PUB cable 1×8LNL
1.2M (*6)-
Options Buzzer (BU01-24-A) (*5)
Splash Proof Cover (SPC-T100), Vertical Mount Kit (VS-T650)

*1 The model name of the gray model is TSP143ⅡV GRY.
*2 9 x 24 font is available at ESC/POS mode only.
*3 No Compression: 8 dots/mm (203 dpi x 203 dpi), 75% compressed vertically: 10.7 dots/mm (203 x 270 dpi), 50% compressed vertically: 16 dots/mm (203 x 406 dpi), Resolution is not changed at horizontal compression mode.
*4 Virtual serial port emulator is available.
*5 Please mount the buzzer to the specified place.


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