Food and beverage services

Food and beverage services

The changing preferences of consumers drive the foodservice industry. Ingredients and menu items that were popular. Star Micronics offers point of sale hardware solutions for every corner of the F&B industry. From kitchen printers to cash drawers, our front-of-house and back-of-house offerings include:

  • POS solutions   
  • Online ordering
  • Tableside payment
  • Reservation management
  • Cash management
  • Bar Service

And Star Micronics is more than just hardware. With our sleek product designs, partnerships with industry-leading POS and online ordering providers, world-class technical support, and value-added marketing capabilities, Star will

Star Micronics & Restaurants

Full-Restaurant Starmicronics

Full-Restaurant Solutions:

Star Micronics has what restaurants need to run smoothly in the front- and back-of house.

Reservation Starmicronics

Reservation/Table Management:

With Star Micronics chit printers, easily track guest allergies, table reservations, and more.

Online Starmicronics

Online Ordering:

Embrace online ordering with Star Micronics’ reliable order printers, and industry-leading partnerships.

Pay-at-table01 Starmicronics


Star Micronics’ mobile printers make convenient at-table payments (and increased customer satisfaction) a breeze.

Why Star?

Quality meets innovation

  • Technology: Featuring modern interfaces and connectivity options, Star’s restaurant and kitchen point of sale solutions will keep your restaurant running smoothly – for years to come.
  • Ruggedness: Star’s kitchen products are resistant to many kitchen environmental factors, including splashes, insects, and heat.
  • Support: Backed by world-class support, Star offers live customer service, as well as a support website featuring FAQs, drivers, manuals, and more.
  • Encoding: Many of Star Micronics’ restaurant printers are able to print orders in numerous languages, even double- and multi-byte languages.

Features for Fool-Proof Dining

Quality from kitchen to tabletop

IC-High-Performance Starmicronics

High Performance


IC-Reliable Starmicronics


Tried and true

IC-Connected Starmicronics


Modern connectivity options

IC-Splash-Resistant Starmicronics

Splash Resistant

Holds strong against splashes

IC-Insects Starmicronics

Shielded from Insects

Protected from pests

IC-Heat Starmicronics

Stands Up to Heat

Built for use in hot kitchens

Highlighted Products

Star Services & Solutions

All that and more for your store

CloudPRNT enables your printer to communicate directly with web-based POS applications … no local tablet, software, or SSL certificate required!

Star’s first game changers are the new mC-Print Series and TSP100IIIU printers with a unique key feature USB printer can charge and communicate simultaneously directly via USB Cable with an iPad, iPod or iPhone.

Learn More About Star's Cannabis Point of Sale Solutions


Retail Point of Sale Hardware

Retail Point of Sale Hardware

Revolutionizing today’s retailers

Simplify and modernize your retail business with Star Micronics! From hardware to software, by providing end-to-end retail solutions that are compatible with today’s top applications, Star Micronics has what it takes to make retailers stand out – today and in the future.

Star Micronics & Retail

I-Retail-Trends Starmicronics

Embrace the Latest Retail Trends:

By partnering with industry-leading POS applications, Star Micronics enables retailers to take advantage of buy online, pick up/return in store (BOPIS/BORIS), self-service kiosks, and more.

I-Payment-Type (1) Starmicronics

Wide Payment Type Acceptance:

From contactless payments to paper checks – and everything in between – Star Micronics allows acceptance of a wide variety of payments.

I-Mobile-Sales (1) Starmicronics

Mobile Sales:

By incorporating portable printers into a retail store, businesses can effectively line bust, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Why Star?

Streamlined. Innovated. Supported.

  • For Retailers Large and Small: From tier-1 companies to mom-and-pop shops, Star Micronics retail point of sale solutions support any size of retailer.

  • For Traditional – and Emerging – Markets: Star Micronics supports traditional markets, like apparel stores, as well as emerging markets like cannabis.

  • Works with Your Favorite Applications: Easy to integrate and backed by a skilled technical team, Star Micronics’ retail point of sale hardware is compatible with your favorite retail applications.

  • Reliable POS Solutions: Star Micronics technology is ultra reliable, backed by strong warranties, and features easy-to-use online support, as well as a US-based technical support team.

Features Built for Retail

Cash in with Star!

IC-High-Performance Starmicronics

High Speed Transactions

Reliable, fast printers mean reduced transaction time

IC-reduce-cut-time Starmicronics

Reduced Wait Time

Create happy customers that are more likely to return

IC-Moden Starmicronics

Modern Aesthetic

Looks are everything, and Star Micronics has them

IC-Easy-Setup Starmicronics

Easy Setup

Easy to use, right out of the box

IC-Fully-Supported Starmicronics

Fully Supported

Star Micronics’ support team is here to help!

IC-mktg-ser Starmicronics

Marketing Services

Boost customer engagement with marketing tools

Highlighted Products

Star Services & Solutions

All that and more for your store

CloudPRNT enables your printer to communicate directly with web-based POS applications … no local tablet, software, or SSL certificate required!

Star’s first game changers are the new mC-Print Series and TSP100IIIU printers with a unique key feature USB printer can charge and communicate simultaneously directly via USB Cable with an iPad, iPod or iPhone.

Learn More About Star's Cannabis Point of Sale Solutions


Online Ordering System

Online Ordering System

Online Ordering System is evolving as an emergent idea to a foothold in the e-Commerce industry. Today in the world of modernization, people prefer to order the food online to avoid the deadlocked traffics, to avoid breaking their comfort zones due to their busy schedule, or they get bored with the same meals. Star Micronics provides benefits to both restaurant and retail stores alike by eliminating the need for an extra tablet to send an online order to the printer. Instead, the ordering service will be able to communicate directly to the printer. – today and in the future.

Star Micronics & Feature build for OOS

All that and more for your store

Communicate Directly with Server: Star Micronics presents CloudPRNT, an innovative technology enabling users to print to Star printers directly through a cloud service.

Cloud-connected Control of Peripherals:
Star’s CloudPRNT functionality can USB hub function  for Star 1D or 2D scanners and Star SCD222 customer displays

Star CloudPRNT for WooCommerce will enable you to print automated receipts each time a customer places an order on your WooCommerce based eCommerce website.

This can be used to quickly create a remote order/receipt printing solution for restaurants, take-aways, bakeries and similar sites, with minimal set-up time or cost.

This plugin can only be used alongside the WooCommerce WordPress plugin. For more information on the WooCommerce plugin please visit

If you’re looking to take advantage of all of the benefits that online food ordering can offer to both your business and your customers, Star Micronics’ CloudPRNT may be the right technology for you!


CloudPRNT is an innovative solution enabling users to print to Star printers directly through a cloud service. CloudPRNT works with the online ordering service to store and create print jobs and communicate status with the printer. Cloud ordering services post orders using a JSON format while the Star CloudPRNT printer pulls these orders on a defined interval.


Star’s CloudPRNT technology provides benefits to restaurants by eliminating the need for an extra tablet to send an online order to the printer. Instead, the ordering service is able to communicate directly to the printer. The store owner or service providers do not need to maintain an SSL certificate for the CloudPRNT printers since the printer communicates with the server as a client.


By offering online purchasing options, restaurants are able to grow their business to expand to a larger market. Using CloudPRNT, online ordering systems have a new and easier solution to offer businesses, allowing them to seamlessly integrate online purchasing into their stores.

CloudPRNT is available on the below Star printers:







Learn more about how CloudPRNT works in the below video:


Self-Service Solutions

Self-Service Solutions

Simplifying self-ordering

Self-service kiosk technology is arguably the fastest growing point of sale trend – and for good reason. When a business takes advantage of kiosk technology, increased revenue, boosted operational efficiency, and a streamlined guest experience become easier than ever to achieve.
By choosing Star Micronics as your kiosk printing solution provider, you’re not only receiving reliable, durable, and best-in-class technology, but solutions that are easy to integrate and backed by industry-leading partnerships

Star Micronics self-service kiosk solutions are ideal for:

  • Self-Service1 Starmicronics Quick Service /Fast Casual
  • Self-Service2 Starmicronics Stadium and Recreation
  • Self-Service3 Starmicronics BANK
  • Self-Service4 Starmicronics Retail
  • Self-Service5 Starmicronics Parking Facilities
  • Self-Service6 Starmicronics Transportation Hubs

Star Micronics & Self-Service Kiosks

Self-Service7 Starmicronics

Increase Efficiency:

Kiosks help with line-busting, meaning your staff can focus on more important initiatives while guests enjoy a faster, smoother transaction.

Self-Service8 Starmicronics

Boost Accuracy:

Kiosks reduce the chance of miscommunication and incorrect orders being placed – saving time, money, and the customer’s patience.

Self-Service9 Starmicronics

Grow Sales:

Self-service kiosks have been shown to boost consumer spending by a whopping 30%. (source: PYMNTS)

Self-Service10 Starmicronics

Branding Opportunity:

Show off your branding and leverage the opportunity to onboard customers to loyalty programs, email newsletters, and more.

Self-Service11 Starmicronics

Customer Experience:

Patrons can easily customize orders and go at their own pace – even if they speak different languages.

Why Star?

Streamlined. Innovated. Supported.

  • Easy to Integrate: Star Micronics kiosk solutions are easily integrated to fit your specific needs.
  • Connected: Communicate via Serial, USB, Lightning, Ethernet, and Bluetooth!
  • Multiple Profiles: Featuring flexible enclosure designs, Star Micronics kiosk printers can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and are available with either a small footprint, or in a larger capacity to accommodate more paper/fewer paper roll changes.
  • Kiosk Software Support: Star Micronics supports a variety of web-based or cloud-based software apps and tablet-based SDKs, as well as Windows and Linux.
  • Durable: High reliability means less downtime and fewer dissatisfied customers!

Smart Self-Service Features

Function meets reliability

Self-Service12 Starmicronics

Lights/Visual Cues

Alerts users when a receipt/ticket is printed, or an employee if an issue arises

Self-Service13 Starmicronics


Helps to push paper out of printer, ensuring a clean, proper delivery

Self-Service14 Starmicronics


Ensures proper function even while unattended – for security, safety, reduced waste

Self-Service15 Starmicronics

Looping Presenter

Reduces chance of paper jam, increases customer information security, maintains clean floors

Highlighted Products

The SK Kiosk printer series offers fast, dependable open-frame kiosk printers for 2”, 3”, and 4” receipts. All models are available with or without presenter, with options for large paper roll holder and bezel.

TUP Series

The Star Micronics TUP series brings ultimate flexibility and performance to kiosk printing. The innovative looping presenter prevents paper jams by printing the receipt in full before providing it to the user.


With a simple user experience and Bluetooth, USB, Lightning, and LAN compatibility, the mC-Print3 housed thermal printer is one of Star Micronics’ most modern printers. The mC-Print3 is also easy to integrate through common SDK.


Quick Service Restuarant (QSR)

QSR Point of Sale Hardware

Modern. Efficient. Reliable.


Quick service restaurants (QSRs) need to be – you guessed it – quick. And where is speed created? At the point of sale! Star Micronics takes QSRs of all kinds to the next level by offering a wide portfolio of point of sale (POS) , peripherals and cloud services that are stylish, reliable, functional, and affordable. Together, our family of products enables QSRs to provide fast, accurate operation, keeping customers happy and profits high.


And we don’t do it alone – Star Micronics partners with the industry’s hottest software manufacturers to bring you cutting edge solutions for every aspect of a QSR – from mobile ordering to product labeling.

Star Micronics & QSR

47437f6c-a0d3-4a2c-904d-81926d6ec3f4 Starmicronics


Between mobile ordering, quick pick up, and more, today’s consumers value a quick and easy way to obtain their meals – and Star Micronics can help with it all.

Loyalty Starmicronics

Loyalty Programs

Rewards of all kinds are in high demand. Star Micronics is proud to partner with POS software providers that offer loyalty programs – and we enable on-receipt loyalty program promotion.

65d8748a-1922-47ad-b429-24a99862c946 Starmicronics

Modern Appeal

Today’s customers value sleek aesthetics. Star Micronics’ mPOS product line, the mCollection, is designed for mobile-first businesses that seek a clean, stylish look.

Why Star?

A solution for every corner of a QSR

  • POS Printing and Cash Management: Star Micronics has what it takes to streamline and secure POS transactions, both in-store and in the field.
  • Online Ordering: With easy-to-integrate technology and strong partnerships with the industry’s top online ordering services, Star Micronics makes online ordering POS easy.
  • Self-Service Kiosks: Star Micronics’ kiosk printers are reliable and feature a small footprint – perfect for the booming self-service trend that’s here to stay.
  • Labeling Solutions: Look no further for an ideal labeling solution for wrapping products, indicating exception/addition food orders, creating nutrition/ingredient labels, and more.
  • Restaurant Marketing: It’s more important than ever for QSRs to brand themselves – and they can do just that by using Star Micronics technology to print promotions directly on receipts.

Features Your Eyes on These Features

Everything a QSR needs 

IC-AllinOneBox Starmicronics

All in One Box

Includes power and interface cables, and setup sheet

IC-Reliable Starmicronics


Reduce downtime and costs associated with unreliable printers

IC-Functional Starmicronics


Perfect for various business models and scalable for growth

IC-Affordable IC-Affordable


Available in a wide variety of price ranges

IC-Modern Starmicronics


Stay trendy, improve reputation and create sticky customers

68659980-d2e1-4c28-bf68-4d6130a29691 Starmicronics


Includes business marketing software

Highlighted Products

Featured Star Services & Solutions

Made to optimize QSRs of every type and size

With this free cloud management marketing tool, effortlessly print custom promotions directly on the bottom of your receipts.

Enable web-based POS to communicate directly with the printer … no local tablet, software, or SSL certificate required.

Learn More About Star's Cannabis Point of Sale Solutions

Star Blog

Star Micronics Introduces TSP654IISK Liner-Free Label Printer with Taken Sensor

Star Micronics Introduces TSP654IISK Liner-Free Label Printer with Taken Sensor


Star’s new TSP654IISK is a cost effective, eco friendly direct thermal linerless label printer designed for printing repositionable food and allergy labels, food and drinks orders and bag labels as well as product labels for restaurants, cafes, takeaway and retail outlets.
With a fast print speed and compact design the TSP654IISK prints high resolution text and graphics on linerless Maxstick media on 40mm, 58mm or 80mm roll widths, significantly reducing paper wastage compared to standard labels while improving order accuracy. The TSP654IISK also offers a high quality anti-jam guillotine cutter and paper taken sensor with optional buzzer alert for efficient order management as well as interchangeable plug-in interfaces including Star WebPRNT and Star CloudPRNT technology. A separate MFi certified Bluetooth model is also available.

TSP654IISK Features

  • Fast 180mm/s print speed
  • High quality guillotine cutter
  • Paper Taken Sensor*
  • 40mm,58mm or 80mm paper widths
  • USB, LAN, HI X Connect, Serial Interfaces. Separate Bluetooth model
  • HI X Interface with Star WebPRNT / CloudPRNT for direct printing from web and cloud based apps
  • Buzzer and cash drawer support
  • Hub functionality with HI X Interface to connect a USB scanner / customer display

    *The TSP654IISK features a Paper Taken Sensor which can be enabled to hold each new label  / order until the previous label has been taken.  This assists efficient order management and accuracy at busy times when multiple orders are being  processed. The taken sensor also allows the host software to know the time that the ticket was taken, how long after printing or how long before delivery the print job was started for increased efficiency  A buzzer can also be connected to alert the operator either once or repeatedly that the label is waiting to be taken.

Star Label Printing Range
Star’s range of low cost, high quality thermal label printers offer accurate fixed length and linerless label printing with high quality graphics and barcodes for a variety or retail and industrial applications including food and allergy labelling, delivery, shelf edge labelling, product labelling, healthcare, visitor management and warehousing.
Compact and easy-to-operate, our range of desktop, mobile and kiosk barcode label printers are simple to integrate into current systems thanks to the option of wired and wireless connectivity as well as sophisticated drivers and SDKs for a wide selection of operating platforms. Please contact Star for more information about Star label printers and for approved label suppliers.



Part of Star’s multi-product API, the TSP654IISK linerless label printer offers
SDK support for iOS, Android and Windows for simple integration  of platform-specific traditional POS,  mobile POS and tablet POS applications. 

Star Blog

4 Reasons to Switch to Star CloudPRNT as an alternative to Google Cloud Print

4 Reasons to Switch to Star CloudPRNT

as an alternative to Google Cloud Print


     As we are sure many business owners are already aware, Google Cloud Print will no longer be supported after 31st December 2020. This is no doubt disruptive to many businesses that use this service and, as the date looms ahead, it is important to switch to an alternative Cloud printing solution.

     Cloud printing is a key part of keeping operations such as restaurants, takeaways, click and collect and warehouses organized and running smoothly. If you’re a developer of web-based point of sale software or a business using Google Cloud Print with receipt, label or ticket printers, Star is pleased to offer Star CloudPRNT™, which is not only a replacement for Google Cloud Print in these environments but also offers additional key features specifically designed  for printing to smaller format receipt and order printers.  Star CloudPRNT is complimentary with any compatible Star printing product.


Print From Anywhere To Any Connected Printer

     Star’s CloudPRNT technology allows for secure remote printing directly from web servers straight to the printer, regardless of the printer’s location. CloudPRNT works with web-based applications to deliver print jobs and communicate status with the printer. Cloud POS services post information using a JSON format, while the Star CloudPRNT printer pulls this information at defined intervals. A tablet or POS system in store to send information to the printer is no longer necessary, which simplifies the process. This is ideal for click and collect services or restaurants and takeaways operating an online ordering system, as the ordering service is able to directly communicate with the printer.  Additionally, service providers and store owners don’t need to maintain an SSL certificate for CloudPRNT printers since the printer communicates with the server as a client.


Connect Peripherals for a Fully Functional POS System

     CloudPRNT communicates directly with the server and is able to control different peripherals connected to the printer, such as cash drawer, scanner, digital display for retail and buzzer alert which is ideal for kitchen environments. This enables a versatile POS system, capable of operating in a variety of different environments. Additionally, merchants are able to print to Star ticket andlabel printers using CloudPRNT which will automatically align each print-out correctly for increased accuracy in a store, warehouse, restaurant or unattended kiosk environment.


Included with compatible Star Products

STAR CloudPRNT is compatible with the product as below.

mC-Print 2

mC-Print 3





     CloudPRNT is also included with Star’s new TSP654IISK HIX cost effective, eco-friendly direct thermal linerless repositionable label printer.  All are able to be easily integrated into existing web and cloud-based software and apps for a simple solution to allow businesses to seamlessly integrate online transactions into their operations.

Easily Integrated into POS Software

     Star CloudPRNT is simple to integrate into POS software and supports native and web based point of sale system software. CloudPRNT can be hosted by the solution provider or independent software vendor and is able to be built into the software in the desired languages.  Star offers a CloudPRNT SDK with features able to assist with status decoding, print job media format negotiation as well as print job conversion, and includes a number of specific tools to assist with integration. Star has also developed a free CloudPRNT for WooCommerce plug-in to simplify integration with WooCommerce sites.

If CloudPRNT feels like the right choice to replace Google Cloud Print then why not contact STAR today to find out more.

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Star Blog

Star Technology Spectrum (Are you an WEB programmer? )

Are you an WEB programmer?

If Yes, STAR has the following solutions for integrating our products:
1) webPRNT                    

3) AirPrint                       

4) PassPRNT


Technology Comparison:


Unique Recommendation!

For more information contact Star now on | Tel: +66 (0)2258-4631 |

Star Blog

Star Technology Spectrum (Are you a Native programmer?)

Are you a Native programmer?

If Yes, STAR has the following solutions for integrating our products:
1) Commands
2) SDK
3) Driver
4) AirPrint
5) PassPRNT
6) CloudPRNT