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Star PassPRNT Solution

Star PassPRNT sophisticated print data relaying application


PassPRNT Description

Star Micronics presents PassPRNT. It's printing application for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices and compatible with Star Bluetooth printers. Star's PassPRNT app receives print data from native and web-based applications using a URL scheme and sends it to the Star Micronics Bluetooth enabled printer. 

For Android or iOS developers, Star PassPRNT effectively receives data from an application such as Filemaker Go or any web browser including Safari / Chrome using a URL scheme to then print on a Star Bluetooth (Classic or BLE) printer.

Star’s PassPRNT companion App allows printing to both ranges of Star Mobile & Desktop printers from a web browser or any application supporting the URL scheme. The simple & user-friendly “one tap” request to print from an device to a Star printer is now possible. The operating system is capable of automatically switching from a host application to the PassPRNT application making this a valuable, time–saving tool for any system integrator / developer.

Star Micronics PassPRNT is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

Supported Models : 
SM-L200SM-L300SM-S230iSM-T300i, SM-T400i, TSP100IIIBi, TSP650IIBi, TSP700IIBi, TSP800IIBi and mPOP.
PassPRNT Specification

Function - PassPRNT is called by the host application using a URL scheme, accepts the printing data, and then prints it to a Star Micronics Bluetooth printer.

Hardware & Software - The hardware configuration consists of the printing device ("Printer") and the device on which PassPRNT is installed ("Host device") and The software configuration for this product is the OS of the host device which should be iOS version 7.0 or later and Android 5.0 or later.

PassPRNT Features & Benefits

Print data relaying application for iOS and Android developers.

Receives data from N
ative Apps and any web browser using a URL scheme to print to Star’s range of Point of Sale and Mobile printers.

Simple and user-friendly “one tap” request.

Black mark capability and Star Cloud Services support.

Star PassPRNT Development Tool vs Apple AirPrint™ Solution for the iOS Developer

Star also offers an Apple AirPRNT™ Solution on the TSP654II receipt printer. AirPrint users and developers should be aware of both the benefits and the limitations of Apple’s AirPrint, which was primarily designed for domestic use and not Tablet Point of Sale business use. Star offers a number of developer tools for ISVs and software houses such as Star PassPRNT or Star WebPRNT which could provide a more effective solution providing greater status back to the application as the key advantage.

Star PassPRNT will work on iOS or Android devices but AirPrint available on iOS only.

Status feedback for the retailer PassPRNT informs the web app if there are any printing issues - print job complete, paper low conditions etc. This is not so with AirPrint which only informs some info to the user via the UI.

User Comfort - PassPRNT & StarPRNT SDKs can provide a simple print button whilst AirPrint is not so simple. AirPrint will typically print a complete web page and then the user has to initiate the OS function to send to AirPrint. PassPRNT can be triggered by a link/button on the page, avoiding confusion over which page, or section of a page to print. With Airprint, it is possible to specifically mark a section for printing with the web page’s CSS but this will then be a modification to the page and therefore may be simpler to use PassPRNT and gain full control.

Cash Drawer Control - AirPrint has limited ability to control cash drawers and this is either “Always Open” or “Never Open” irrespective of whether it is a credit card or cash transaction.

Performance - PassPRNT is faster. AirPrint can take up to 20 seconds to produce the printed receipt and is very much determined by the iOS device in use.

PassPRNT gives more print control - Apple’s rules determine how the receipt is printed e.g. max receipt length is set by Apple. The final receipt can therefore look clumsy and not match important customer brand requirements. AirPrint was primarily designed for set-length, cut-sheet paper and PassPRNT was designed for roll printers with variable length.

Download PassPRNT Application


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