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StarIO SDK Suite

StarIO SDK Suite POS Printer Software Development Kits

Enhance your POS Software by developing high quality applications with the StarIO SDK Suite, created by leading POS industry veteran Star Micronics! These powerful development kits are available for programmers at no cost to incorporate full Star Printer functionality into the most demanded applications of today - and tomorrow.

Available for the hottest operating systems and most popular
programming languages, the StarIO SDK Suite is designed to:

  • Reduce development time
  • Reduce development cost
  • Reduce workload
  • Increase end user satisfaction

Ready to skyrocket your software to the next level? Jump
in the driver's seat and test drive a StarIO SDK today!


StarIO is an API that sits between the printer and POS application. It minimizes test and development time by enabling the programmer to implement establishing communication, printing, and full status support very quickly and easily. Status is one of the most difficult and complex functions to code perfectly from scratch. Even so, printer status is a crucial component of many POS applications to confirm if printing succeeded or failed, and to alert users of physical errors such as paper out or cover open.

Without StarIO, the programmer must:
- spend many hours of development time
- study programming manuals
- write many pages of code for full feature support

Sample Code

Included in each package is a sample receipt demonstrating how to implement advanced functionality and customize print outs from start to finish. The examples come right from Star's Programming Manual and include how to print logos and barcodes, format text, and much more. Each example can be modified to fit the software's needs, then copied and pasted right into the application source code.


Each StarIO SDK Package is extensively documented in the source code and includes an informative manual explaining all capabilities. Programmers do not need to waste hours studying manuals to provide customers with advanced printing support.


OS Language(s) Supported Printers*
Android Java Star Desktop, Kiosk, Portable Printers, Ethernet, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth
iOS Objective-C Star Desktop, Kiosk, Portable Printers, Ethernet, Wireless LAN
Blackberry Java Star Desktop, Kiosk, Portable Printers, Ethernet, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth
Windows 7/Vista/XP C#, VB.NET, Java, C++, VB6 Star Desktop, Kiosk, Portable Printers, Ethernet, Wireless LAN, USB, Serial, Parallel
WinCE Visual C#, VB.NET, C++ Star Desktop, Kiosk, Portable Printers, Ethernet, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, USB
Linux Java, C++ Star Desktop, Kiosk PrintersEthernet, Wireless LAN, USB, Serial, Parallel
Mac OS X Java, C++ Star Desktop, Kiosk Printers, Ethernet, Wireless LAN, USB

* Please review printer specifications and the SDK ReadMe file to see which models and functionality are supported in detail.

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