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Star Micronics has partnered with leading software applications to deliver our customers the ultimate customer experience. 
Star Micronics worked closely with the best leading Point of Sale application company owner such as retail store and various services etc.

See the Software Partner list who get certified from Star Micronics and Visit their website by click link in each Company Information.
If you would like to find out how to become a Star Certified Software Partner, Please contact +66(0)2-258-4631-2 or Email sales@star-m.co.th
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Restaurant POS App which is help owners to stay connect to your restaturant every second and manage your restaurant in a realtime.
Matix Consultant

Matrix Consultant specialize in Point-Of-Sale which they have an exprience more than 10 years.
Wongnai POS

POS System that helps you manage the store effciently and also connect to Wongnai, LINE MAN and SCB QR Code Payment.
Food Story

FoodStroy lets you discover restaurant info, table layout, E-Menu, E-Promotion and Real Customer stories from around the world.

Tiny POS

POS on iPad's App for small, medium
restaurant or SME business with
information management system
and easy to carry to anywhere.
          Creative Me

Creative me is develop idevice POS System in iOS.
Living Mobile

We're a leading mobile application development company in Bangkok Thailand that creating a unique, excitiing and challenging mobile apps project.
9 Net

9Net delivers retail and hospitality solution to SME in Thailand and our team is experts delivers highlu customized software and hardware packages.


POS2U is a provider online POS Software and POS Equipment Sale with a team of experts specializing in developing online POS Application.

Sellsuki manage your facebook logo page's inbox and sale filter your inbox, correct bank transfer & credit card payment from customers.
Rangy POS

Rangy POS is a tool to help manage sale and warehouse management and fraud prevention then the store's ownser can view the sales items and information.
Silom POS

Silom POS is a stand POS and compatible with the most business. It's fast and easy and works with receipt printer, cash drawer and barcode scanners.

POS Step

It's sale & shop management that helps your business store growing efficiently. Suitable for Cafe, Bakery and Fast Food business.
Tab 2 Paly POS

Tab 2 Play POS Application is a revolutionary that will change the way you do business and comes fully equipped with "All in One" features.

Cloud-Based Resstuarant Management Platform helps get real-time report, take mobile & self-ordering manage inventory and online delivery.





Pawoon is POS Syatem Application on Android which download from Google Play.

Moka is a Mobile POS System that
empowers to help business accept all
forms of payment.


Meeber is Mobile POS that focused on culicery / F&B Business. It's not like retails POS reservation management, delivery and others.



Olsera POS has become a saving solution for many Indonesia's SME owners who are awaiting for an effective and easy to use the business software.



Blueprint is Mobile POS System which
simplify owners managing their business
and we provide solution from POS
software, hardware and thermal paper.





StoreHub is beautful cloud POS, inventory
and customer relationship management
which makes your business awesome.




Mezzofy is mPOS Application on iOS and
also is cashier and wallet.


Instut iKiosk, iCafe & iRestaurant are the
fastest growing iPad POS System.
It's vertically and horizontal scalable form
QSR to fine dining or 1-100+ outlets.

Octopus Retail POS and Food POS for Windows, Mac OS, iPAD and iPhone as a standalone system and integrated hosted solution.




T.O Group

T.O. Software is intelligent POS with Realtime Store Management from Single store to multiple stores.

B&S POS is the modem platform on cloud and run on device with everything you need to run and growin up your business.

SISKH is a leading expert in a digital business solution and also provide Zoom Vendor Application on iOS and Android.
U Smart

Usmart Cambodia Founded in 2015 and moving forward safety with the mission to bring better management to the customer.





Square is the on service for your entire business from secure credit card processing including Apple Pay & EMV to POS Solutions. 

AirREGI is a POS Cash Register app which manages sales. This app's highest prority is to support shops with this crucial part of business.

Lightspeed provides POS Solutions for retailers and restaurant to manange their business.
Shopify POS

Shopify's POS System is the easiest way to manage your retail business and sell to the person.


Vend's POS System is a inventory
management and iPad POS Software is
used by thousands of retailers
in a worldwide.

Cloud based POS System Application on Android and iOS that helps store owners from small to large chains run their business efficiently by smartphone.

by iCHEF Restaurant Partner is an
intuitive and effective multiple-terminal
iPad based on POS Syatem.

POS Application for cashier on iPad which used to input sale data and the sale data will be sent to our server.

"Become Star Partner can get benefit more than you think Click!


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