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Star Micronics has partnered with leading software applications to deliver our customers the ultimate customer experience. 
Star Micronics worked closely with the best leading Point of Sale application company owner such as retail store and various services etc.

See the Software Partner list who get certified from Star Micronics and Visit their website by click link in each Company Information.
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FOURLEAF restaurant POS App which is help owners to stay connect to your restaurant every second and mange your restaurant in realtime. It’s simple and smart You will get used to it even if you haven’t experience any other cash registers.

Features, Cloud POS, Accept mobile payment, Membership, Realtime Inventory, Real time sale reports, Sale analytics.
Website : http://www.afourleaf.com/
Supported Hardware : http://www.afourleaf.com/en/supported-hardware-en/
Facebook : http://facebook.com/aFOURLEAF/


Matrix Consultant specialize in Point-Of-Sale which they have an experience more than 10 years. They arrange full range of Point-Of-Sale with Total Solution especially in Restaurant System, Fast Food, Retail together with H/W, S/W and after sale service include. They are a good business partner for all customers which you can trust. They arrange well training for all staff. Our staff can suggest the best solution and suitable for you and ready for serve you every day for whole year include onsite service for every customers in Thailand.



POS system that helps you manage the store efficiently. It also connects with Wongnai,
LINE MAN and SCB QR Code Payment. Easy to use on all iPad functions ...

FoodStory lets you discover Restaurant info, Table layout, eMenu, ePromotion and Real customer stories from any FoodStory restaurants around the world and share them easily via social networks.


Square is one service for your entire business, from secure credit card processing - including Apple Pay & EMV - to point of sale solutions


AirREGI is a POS cash register app that manages sales. The app's highest priority is to support shops with this crucial part of business by combining its simple interface with essential business functions. Shop owners no longer need to pay expensive fees for POS cash registers. Just get a tablet and internet connection with AirREGI.. 

Lightspeed provides point of sale solutions for retailers and restaurateurs to manage their businesses.

Shopify's POS system is the easiest way to manage your retail business and sell in person. Try Shopify POS free for 14 days.

 iCHEF By iCHEF Restaurant Partner is an intuitiveand effective multiple-terminal iPad-based POS system. iCHEF will make your restaurants have less hassles and more customers.

Providing right restaurant service to customers requires having access to the right information, right where staff need it, right on time, every time. iCHEF does just that in a way that suits your working style.
We’ve added in thoughtful touches to make your working life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.

Vend's point of sale system, inventory management, and iPad POS software is used by thousands of retailers worldwide. 

Moka is a mobile Point of Sale (POS) system that empowers businesses to sell. Moka aims to make POS systems accessible to everyone and help businesses accept all forms of payments.

Tiny POS by Digitalinsider

Tiny POS - Point of Sale on iPad apps wfor small, medium  restaurant or SME businesses with information management systems,  easy to carry anywhere. at Do not connect to the Internet And increased sales of the replica omega uk store as possible.

Creative Me: Develop iDevice POS System  on iOS

StoreHub is Beautiful Cloud Point Of Sale, Inventory and Customer Relationship Management that Makes Your Business Awesome. Get started free today.

Mezzofy is mPOS Application on iOS: Mezzofy CASHIER and Mezzofy WALLET


Pawoon: is POS Application on Android Apps on Google Play Sistem Point of Sales berbasis Cloud.

X-POS is a Point of Sale solution built exclusively for Magento players. It bridges the gap between web shops and retail stores with seamless integration, inventory management, top checkout speed and capability to work offline. Available in both web-based and iPad App version.

powerful, affordable, and incredibly easy to use.


9Net delivers retail and hospitality solutions to SME in Thailand. Today our team of 20 trained experts delivers highly customized software and hardware packages to more than 2000 clients. The goal since 1999 is to improve the IT infrastructure of Thai SME in order to create a sustainable growth.
With more than 10 years experiences and 20+ staffs, 9Net has been delivering retail and hospitality solutions to around 2,000 clients in Thailand. We developed both PC and mobile applications whichever suited the clients’ needs. Our goal is to help Thai SMEs to utilize IT to grow faster and sustianably. Pleas feel free to contact us if you would like to know how we could help you doing so.

We are a leading mobile application development company in Bangkok, Thailand creating a unique, exciting, and challenging mobile application project. We are a small dedicated team with professional backgrounds in enterprise systems for many large well-known public companies. Our mission statement is to develop only the finest details of mobile application in terms of both performance and design. Rapid technology changes have no impact to us as we keep leveraging accordingly..

"We design and develop bespoke digital innovations crucial for your businesses.” Eideas is a boutique software development company based in Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand that helps businesses design and develop the most effective and innovative digital solutions.
Over the years, Eideas have built a scalable network of operations across Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. We partner with clients from conception to implementation to create products that are efficient in helping businesses stay competitive and successful. After all, we believe that any product we deliver must be aligned to your business goals to deliver the changes you need to see.
Meeber POS is a Mobile POS that focused on culinary / F&B Business, it is not like Retail POS, Meeber has complete feature that need by culinary business like dine-table managament, ingredient & menu management, reservation, delivery, kitchen monitor and the others.

Eisol is cloud based point of sale system and analytical tool for retail and hospitality. EISOL bring you Piont of Sale , a powerful and cost effective POS solution design for retial business. It come with CRM, Inventory management and Loyalty.

Loyverse POS for Android and iOS is a cloud based POS system that helps store owners from small to large chains run their business efficiently via smartphone or tablet. With multiple language support, Loyverse POS offers in depth sales analytics for informed decisions, and a smooth UI for quick sales. 
Instut iKiosk, iCafe & iRestaurant are the fastest growing iPad POS
systems. It is vertically & horizontally scalable from QSR to fine dining or 1 to 100+ outlets. Try Instut POS today!
Contact: hi@instut.com 
NADIPOS upgrades the traditional point of sale (POS) system through wireless connectivity, powerful analytics and significantly simplified usage. Our product is live in multiple locations and is developed specifically for restaurants, quick serve businesses, bars & nightclubs and other hospitality industries.
Olsera POS has become a saving solution for many Indonesia SMEs (Small Business Enterprises) owners, who are awaiting for an effective, easy to use and economic business software system. 
Supporting all kinds of retail shop, restaurant, cafe, bar, etc


Ubiregi is a point-of-sale application for iPad.
This app is for cashiers, which is used to input sales data. The sales data will be sent to our server. You can see the sales data on our web site using Mac, PC, or iPad. The sales data is cached in the iPad for the case network is unreachable.


POS2U is provider  Online POS software and POS equipment sales. With a team of experts specializing in developing online POS applications on our server cloud for over 5 years.


Sellsuki -Manage Your Facebook Logo Page’s Inbox & Sales
Filter your Inbox, collect bank transfer & credit card payment from customers,  and manage your delivery process 5 times faster
Contact : http://www.sellsuki.co.th/pages/q-a/sellsuki-faq 
Octopus Retail Point of Sale and Food Point of Sale for Windows, Mac, iPad and iPhone. Available as a standalone system and as an integrated hosted solution.

Rangy POS is a tool to help manage and manage sales for SME Also known as POS (Point of Sales). Warehouse Management and Fraud Prevention Then the store owner can view the sales items and information. Important immediately through a smartphone or tablet.

The application works with the cloud services to connect to more than one mobile, but also works in offline mode. Can be downloaded for free. The store owner can expand the application through the application is fast and easy to use.

Silom POS - Free Retail Point of Sale. Standard POS. Free Start. Compatible with most business. Getting started with SilomPOS is fast and easy. It works with receipt printers, cash drawers and barcode scanners.
"POS Step" Sales Management, Shop management system That helps your business store grow efficiently. Suitable for Cafe, Beverages, Bakery, Confectionery, Fast food businesses, Fast servcie stores. Cloud storage is modern and easy to use.

T.O. Software is Intelligent POS with Real-Time Store Management from single store to multiple stores.  
T.O Point of Sales Restaurant|Table Management|Receipe Management|Kiosk-Ordering|E-Menu&Mobile Ordering|Kitchen Display|Loyalty|Web Reports| Payment Integration.
T.O Point of Sales Retail|Inventory Control|Order Management|Account Receivable|Purchase Management|Account Payable|Loyalty|Web Reports|ERP Integration
B&S POS is the modern platform on cloud and runs on any device with everything you need to run and grow your business. We’re building easy tools to empower, enrich people and changing the way you sell in-store & online. We know everything you need and it’s modern, user-friendly and flexible.

Usmart Cambodia Founded in 2015, Usmart is now moving forward safely with the mission to bring better management to the customers' businesses by providing affordable and reliable PoS solutions. Apart from software development, Usmart has also provided PoS System "Smart  POS"  and machines such as PoS Touch PC, Thermal Printers especially Star Printer, Scanners, and Cash Drawers. 

Tab2Pay POS application is a revolutionary POS application that will changethe way you do business. it comes fully equipped with ‘All in on’ features suitablefor all business from small to large kiosks, stores, cafe, restaurants or retailers.

Tab2Pay: http://www.tab2pay.com/
Digio:  http://www.digio.co.th/

SISKH is a leading expert in digital business solutions and also provide ZOOM Vendor Application (iOS & Android) is a revolution of a POS System that will do business. ZOOM Vendor allow you to create product, view report and perform sale online or offline.
Download App : https://apps.apple.com/us/app/zoom-vendor/id1405486849#?platform=iphone


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